Hi Gourmies!

I spent a great couple of days with Ethan last week! I’m sad to see him go again but hopefully we are nearing the end of the long-distance thing. Unfortunately, that all depends on a few things that are still up in the air for now. Once I start to get it all sorted, I promise I will share it ALL. What I will tell you is that Ethan is pursuing an opportunity in Burlington, VT! I hope that it works out for him because I would love to live in that cute little city. It’s right on a lake, close to ski mountains, and filled with very “crunchy granola” type of people.

Here are a few moments captured from on of his first nights in town. Ethan’s drinking a very local beer, Two Brothers Ebel’s Weiss. Two Brothers is located here in Illinois, and has been in operation for 15 years! Ethan and I have a serious love for microbreweries, and international beers. Sometimes we go to Whole Foods just to check out it’s sweet selection of microbrews. Okay, we know that that’s never just what we end up doing there. I don’t think I’ve ever had a trip to WF where I have not browsed almost every isle. I feel like every time I go I see something new and thus end up learning about a new food or ingredient! So, why wouldn’t you want to browse?

Well of course, in the midst of our browsing we spotted this delicious herbed brie cheese! Now, you know I don’t eat cheese but this stuff looked good! Ethan decided to grab it and have it as a snack throughout his visit. The cheese lasted two days. He said it was his new fav cheese and that I needed to spread the word. So here I am. Spreading the word on a vegan food blog. Buy this cheese. I don’t know the name but it is a brie with herbs!


Have you ever had Two Brothers? 

What’s your favorite microbrewery/microbrew?

Have you seen this cheese before? If you see it pick it up and share the name here!


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