Hi Gourmies!

Shocked to see me post for a third day in a row? Yeah me too.. It’s sad to think that at one point, for a solid chunk of time, I was posting daily-and sometimes twice daily! I’m trying my hardest to get into a better routine, it may not be daily posts but it will be something.

So far this week in class we’ve learned how to make seitan from scratch, prepare sea vegetables, cook tempeh, and make tofu from scratch! Today we are going to finish our soy practicum and actually create some delicious tofu dishes. We will be making all sorts of tofu based items; from tofu sauces and dressings to tofu and quinoa stuffed poblano peppers!

One thing that I always am so impressed about with my school (Natural Gourmet Institute, or NGI) is that every.single.ingredient. we use is organic. Even the garlic bulbs and yellow onions are USDA Certified Organic! It’s part of the many foundational beliefs of the school that make it so unique, and I am just beyond thrilled that I have had the opportunity to be a part of it all. I am challenged there daily, but with every challenge I am lifted with an “ah-ha” moment of clarity and understanding. I could go on for hours, so instead I will just share bits and pieces of information about school and what I am doing at some point in every post!

Anyway, can you believe Labor Day weekend is upon us? As I mentioned yesterday, I have a fun-packed weekend ahead of me. Fridays are half days at NGI, and one of my classmates has organized a lunch trip to the famous vegan restaurant, Candle 79 for whomever wanted to check it out. They are preparing a special pre-fixe for our group of aspiring health food chefs, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. After lunch, Julia (a friend from school) and I are going out for drinks. It was her birthday on Monday and I unfortunately couldn’t make her dinner celebration, so she agreed to let me make it up to her with happy hour drinks on Friday. Following drinks, and depending on my energy levels, I am going to try to meet my sister Kendra and some of her good girlfriends for dinner. It’s going to be a busy and gluttonous day! I’ll let you know if I survive. A day in the life of a NYC Chef-in-training I guess!

Saturday I have a fun day planned that I am really looking forward to. Another friend from culinary school, Whitney, and her husband are planning a BBQ for our classmates and friends. They have a garden unit down in Chelsea with exclusive backyard access, so it will be a real deal cookout in the heart of the city! Everyone is bringing a little something to supplement the menu that Whitney is going to prepare. I’m not entirely sure of what I’ll bring yet, but I have a good idea- and I’m going to keep it a surprise just incase I change my mind! This will be our first time (out of school of course) preparing homemade dishes for each other. I can’t wait for my first party where the guest list is made up predominantly of chefs! If I were you, this is a party that I’d want to be invited to.

On that note, i’m going to say see you back here next week for a full recap of how my weekend goes, and the yummy dishes that were enjoyed! It honestly does seem like just yesterday was the 4th of July to me, and yet tomorrow is the kick off of Labor Day weekend.. So why not leave you with some pictures of my 4th of July.. that was apparently not just last weekend.


What are your plans this Labor Day weekend? 

How did you celebrate the 4th? Will it be anything like how you will spend this weekend?

What are some new and exciting things going on with you?

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