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Hi Gourmies!!

Thank goodness it’s Thursday because this week has been insane, and well frankly I have fun plans this weekend! On Monday we started off with poultry, where we learned how to roast a whole chicken, how to cut a whole chicken down into all the different cuts, and the best cooking methods for each cut. Tuesday we tackled fin fish, where we learned how to gut, scale, de-fin, and fillet, and of course the appropriate cooking techniques for each type of fish. Yesterday we had my favorite class to date, Shellfish. I loved it so much I was literally gitty and excited all day long! We prepared so many different types of shellfish in the different techniques that I’ve always wanted to learn, I can say I walked away from class yesterday very excited to put my new skills to good use.

Some of my favorite dishes this week include: Tuna tartar, braised stuffed squid, a progressive oyster tasting, and the seared scallops. In all honestly I’ve enjoyed it all, and have even been able to take away a few techniques that I know my friends and family would love too; fried calamari (dad), chicken Biryani (the Bravos), baked clams (mom), braised salmon steaks (KC and mom), and really anything with mussels-or any seafood- and wine (Katie and Judy). Let me tell you the entire school has eaten well this week. Today and tomorrow we have Egg tech 1 and 2, and there are some great classic techniques that I’ve been dying to learn (no, not scrambled eggs… think souffles, etc.). I will be sure to report back after!

A few of us ended the day yesterday with a glass of wine. A much needed one at that. It gets so busy in the kitchen, and we get so caught up in the scrambling of it all that by the end of the day all we want to do is unwind and decompress. For the group of us that means wine.

It’s really nice that my class has become so close. I’m having a blast getting to know them as chefs and as friends. It’s unbelievable that time goes by so quickly. We are just approaching our halfway mark, and a new group of students started school today, just as the group two classes ahead of us graduated. It’s very weird not being the “new kids” anymore, and we now know our ways around the kitchen, each other, and our chefs (instructors)- a day I never thought I would see. The school honestly is a big family and the relationships with our instructors, stewards, administration, and other classes grow by the day (it doesn’t hurt that we share our gourmet shell fish dishes with them when we’re done- a little buttering up never hurt anyone.. no pun intended of course).

Oh, and my fun plans on Saturday? High-end outlet shopping and wine tasting upstate with a couple of the lovely ladies above! Pictures to follow, for sure!


Well Fed

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