Weekend Plans

Good Morning Everyone!

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I hope the week is treating you well, and that you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of you!  I know I have some fun things planned….that second mug in the picture above is not for Ethan, but for my sister, KENDRA!

Kendra flew into Portland yesterday morning from Manhattan, and Ethan and I have had all sorts of fun things planned to get her acquainted with our favorite city in Maine. Today, the three of us are taking the ferry over to Peaks Island with our bikes to explore the little island, maybe try their famous cinnamon buns, and take in some beautiful scenery. First, actually, we might stop at Gilbert’s Chowder House to grab some warming Clam Chowder before we embark on our ferry ride.

Yesterday I picked Kendra up from the airport and brought her home to show her my apartment and drove her around my neighborhood. We then went to get manicures, hair cuts(her)/blow-outs(me), shopping, and a quick errand (got my Ray Bans fixed yay!)

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We then picked Ethan up and went straight to the deck at Silly’s for some yummy indulgent food (fried pickles, Zombie burger with buffalo fries, and a pitcher of Sangria). Quick side note on fried pickles, I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of the fried pickles (which you are probably familiar with if you’ve been reading since The Gourmetour was my main blog, my partner in crime: Katie). My sister, on the other hand, HATES pickles. But you see, she hated pineapple too until I forced her to try it again, and again, and again, until she loved it. Guess what happened last night? The same thing. Homegirl LOVED the fried pickles! My life is complete. Anyway, we were about ready to be rolled out of that place last night… soo yummy.

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It’s great having Kendra to myself for these two days because tomorrow morning my parents are driving up from the Boston area to take my sister (I have work) apple picking (a family tradition). We’ll all have dinner tomorrow night, and maybe brunch Sunday morning. I have to work on Sunday too so I wont have too much family time, but I think it will be just enough!

Anyway, Ethan’s on his way over with some Holey Doughnuts (a Portland staple), so I should run to tend to the coffee and get back to sister. I’m excited for Kendra to try these Maine potato doughnuts!! Have a great Friday!


Weekend Plans

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