A Familiar Face

Hi Gourmies!

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful here in NYC. The weathers stayed around 80 degrees and the nights cooled off perfectly. A true characteristic of Indian Summer- which means Fall is on its way and I can’t wait!

Luckily the weather cooperated, because the forecast was a little touch and go for a bit there on Thursday and Friday. Are you wondering why I was closely monitoring weather.com? Or why I’ve decided to tell you about it here in the blog, where I have never once talked about weather forecasts before? Well…….

I got to see THIS familiar face all weekend long.

We had an absolute blast and I don’t think I had laughed that hard in a very very long time. I was (and am) so sad to see her go back to Chicago on Sunday, but am so grateful for her visit and the little time we did have to catch up. It was sort of bittersweet having her here because it made me think a lot about all of my friends back in Chicago, how lucky I am to have such amazing friends, and how sad I am to not have them here with me or me there with them — all the while having an amazing time with my bestie here in NYC.

We accomplished so much while she was here, I didn’t even know I had it in me. She arrived late on Friday, but we still managed to go out for some food and a couple of glasses of sangria at Five Lamps Tavern right around the corner from me. We woke up at our leisure on Saturday and headed to Henry’s for brunch and a mimosa or two. From there we began a full day of walking and shopping. We hit up stores in the UWS (upper west side), West Village, SOHO, and Chelsea. In addition to shopping we had happy hour cocktails and snacks at Spice Market in the Meat Packing District, dinner at Eatery and met my sister Kendra for after dinner-drinks at Vintage in Hell’s Kitchen, and late night speakeasy cocktails in West Harlem.

Molly's Cupcakes NYC

Crunchy Octopus with Papaya at Spice Markter

("Aromatic") Fragrant Mushroom Eggrolls at Spice Market

We were out wayyy past our bedtime (read:4:30am) but I got my fill of laughing in for the rest of the year. On Sunday we woke up and met Kendra again for an unlimited mimosa brunch at Regional on the UWS. Katie and I spent the remainder of her time here exploring/shopping the UWS and you can bet I dragged my feet hard when it came time to go back and say goodbye.

I can easily say that last weekend was my favorite weekend so far in NYC and I have a strong feeling it will be indefinitely.

I have some fun stuff planned for Labor Day weekend, and will be sure to share some pictures next week!


What are your Labor Day plans?


A Familiar Face

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