And We Walked…

Hello Gourmies,
Another Tuesday is upon us, and with that I want to shed a little light into the beginning of your week. Yesterday was an overcast day, and the clouds were daunting us Chicagoans with rain. Luckily, not much came spitting out. The temperature was very comfortable at a steady 70 degrees, and by 4:30, Katie and I decided that the clouds were no problem and the day was enjoyable enough. To our very pleasant surprise, just as we laced up our sneaks the sun popped out and the remainder of the evening was beautiful. 
I always feel bad when I go for a walk without my camera, because I always want to share a little peek into what my running/walking path is like. Seriously, I couldn’t be more blessed living where I do, for the prices that I pay. It’s just a little hidden Chicago gem that I adore. 
No food here today, just nature. I love the outdoors, and I love Chicago. 

Me, Katie


What’s your typical walking/running/exercise path look like?
What, if any, kind of parks are around you area?
Do you get to walk to them, or do you have to take transportation? 

And We Walked…

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