Another Berrie Brunch Idea

Hi Gourmies-
If you’re a returning reader you probably know that I am a big fan of breakfast. I think it’s safe to say that I have more breakfast and brunch posts than really any other posts.. not because I don’t appreciate lunch or love dinner..
But brunch can be: a weekend activity, a bonding opportunity, a sweet AND savory taste experience, a focused event, and simply an excuse to blend breakfast and lunch into one big tasty meal. I recommend focusing on a color theme, and also incorporating: fruits, vegetables, carbs and proteins.
Before you rush out to buy this exact spread, I recommend first checking what fruits are in season, then coming up with a plan of action. In season fruits and vegetables always produce the best flavors; and with a simple meal that you are not in controlling the flavors, this focus is a key factor.

Have you ever themed a meal?
Have you ever thrown a brunch party?
Another Berrie Brunch Idea

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