Another Small Victory

Hi all!

I know that I told you I would post a little bit about my recent travels.. but something slightly more relevant appeared at my mailbox today…


Just another little “victory” to remind myself that even in what feels like the worst of times (these past two weeks at work have been rocky to say the least…) I am working towards a greater goal, and I am only at the beginning of my journey. I have worked really hard to get to this place, and as you know there have been some literal blood, sweat, and tears.. but I am being rewarded slowly but surely.. and as all my clients know “slow and steady wins the race”.

Also, I am starting to appreciate my mini “failures” and mistakes. Something really crappy happened at work last week and the repercussions are still hitting today, but it isn’t creating a feeling of impending doom which would normally be the case. I am taking it as a lesson learned and will literally move on from here. It’s still affecting me because I feel like I didn’t do my job the best I could have, but I know I wont make the mistake again and I am literally getting better and better every day. It’s becoming apparent that the best lessons learned in this industry are through trial and error….

But hey, I’m a board certified holistic health professional.. so I’ll do what I want!



Another Small Victory

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