Anteprima, Andersonville

Hello Gourmies-

Yes, it’s Friday. A Friday before a long weekend at that.
Today’s post is a litte something to get you excited about the couple of days ahead of you; a restaurant post.

Antreprima is a little Italian bistro cafe, located in Andersonville, that offers truly authentic eats in a comfortable, intimate setting.

Kate, Avery and I got there late, around (9:00 pm), and were not surprised to find a packed restaurant. We had called ahead but they said they couldn’t promise anything immediately. The bar looked to be full, so the host offered us a table at ACRE, their other restaurant that is located down the street, while we waited. Just as he was talking the couple at the bar got up to be seated, and three seats were open for us.
We happily offered to sit at the bar until our table was ready.

Unfortunately, we ended up waiting about 40 minutes before that time. We had ordered delicious Italian cocktails, but they were not served aperitif style – meaning they did not serve bread, olives, or any other light snack. While traveling abroad in the authentic villages of Italy, I learned that this is a very widely practiced tradition, and most restuarants actually serve an entire appetizer platter with your cocktail, free of charge!
The only reason we were really expecting it at Anteprima was not only because the menu is really authentic, but because they had an entire bread and appetizer station set up to the left of the bar. We ended up asking for a bread basket, in which the bar tender happily supplied, and were not surprised at how delicious it all (4 types of bread+sticks) was.  We finally took a look at the menu and discovered that you could order the combination of appetizers (8) that we saw for $16. They looked delicious so we decided to order that when we sat down. We were not surprised by any means that the appetizer station was not free, considering that it is not an Americanized tradition, so other than being hungry and antsy we did not discredit Anteprima because of this. My only recommendtaion would be to serve a small plate of olives with the bread! Yum!
The host was delightful because he would come up to us and give us an accurate estimate about when our table should be ready. The last time he came up to us before it was he said, “the next time you see people stand up to leave, that’ll be your table!”. We all agreed that we liked the way he phrased that, because doesn’t everyone that is waiting for a table secretly (or not so much) predict their table as the previous guests stand to leave? I sure do!
When we finally did get seated, our waiter was very knowledgable and attentive. He had to come back 3 times before we could order because we had a set of questions for him each time he came. The menu here is perfect; it offers a wide range of light plates and appetizers, a concise pasta selection, and a well thought out entree selection.
Patrons can order a half size of the pasta (this is usually because you are supposed to order a pasta AND a main course). The waiter also generously offered to place a half order of pasta for us, and if when it came out we decided it looked too small, he would immediately go to the kitchen and request a full size portion. I mean, how nice of him was that? I’ve never had a restaurant so readily offer that-yes maybe suggest that we could order more if we were not satisfied, but never this option.
As we had discussed, we ordered the appetizer sampler and a bottle of wine based on our waiters suggestion. The wine perfectly fit what we were asking for, and we were very pleased with our starter plate.
We all ordered the half portions of a pasta as our main meal, and I was able to easily veganize one of the pasta specials.
Each of us LOVED our dish, and wish we would have ordered the full size to take home!
We spent the rest of the night enjoying our meals and laughing away, until the restaurant slowed and it was time to go home. Full  & happy.

I would recommend the trip up north to Anteprima in Andersonville for a delightful, authentic Italian meal.


Anteprima, Andersonville

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