Banana Foster Cafe-Chicago

Banana Foster Cafe Chicago is a cute little restaurant located in Edgewater on the far-north side of Chicago. The restaurant is on the corner of Granville and Broadway, just steps away from the El. Banana Foster offers a medium size patio for outdoor dining, quite frankly a must-have for all restaurants in my book. The Cafe has recently expanded to two more store fronts in order to include some type of function room.
I had been to Banana Foster once before, well over a year ago, and hadn’t been back sooner because of a really poor experience; all of which included a super long (45+ minutes) wait for our food. After much deliberation, Kate, Avery, and I decided to give it another go. We decided to forgo the buffet and order off the regular menu. 
The service was nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about; friendly enough and quick to bring us coffee (which was really good coffee I might add). It took us a while to scan the menu and decide on what we wanted, simply because we’re indecisive, not because they offer an extensive or unusual menu.
Ultimately, Avery decided on and omelet and Kate and I decided to split an omelet and a lunch panini. I remember finding, from the previous visit, that the omelet was too rich for me so I decided to be the one to order the panini as my main dish. 
Side note (which may or may not be why I split breakfast with Kate…): savory breakfast dishes are served with really yummy potato medallions “home fries”, and let me tell you…I think I would go here just for them.. they are really very good. 
Overall I think that the menu is pleasing to a crowd or a some-what picky group. My only complaint about the physical menu is the price discrepancies: An omelet is upwards of $9-$10 and a Belgian Waffle is $4.50. On this particular weekend day they were offering a buffet in those rooms for around $13 dollars.
Unfortunately, the wait for our food, although better was still a significant amount of time. Previously, I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was very crowded that first time, but now I have to say that they are just slow with food preparation. The restaurant was moderately crowded this time, but nothing of which I would expect to have to wait for my food. 
When our food did arrive, we immediately dug in (hence the single bites in almost all of the dishes in my pictures… sorry guys!) and our first initial bites were delightful. As the meal progressed both Kate and Avery agreed that they don’t think they would order breakfast again (they both ordered completely different omelets!). I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed my half of the grilled balsamic vegetable and brie panini. 
Overall, we concluded that we will be back but only for lunch foods.  

Have you ever tried a restaurant again after a bad experience?
What’s the longest you’ve ever waited for your food?
Banana Foster Cafe-Chicago

4 thoughts on “Banana Foster Cafe-Chicago

  1. Allison says:

    I think it would be hard to mess up anything with brie in it. Mmm soo good!

    I am definitely up for trying restaurants again in theory, but when it comes down to it I usually only want to go somewhere that was good on a previous trip. Kudos to you for giving it a second chance!

  2. thefitacademic says:

    I sometimes try something again after a bad experience, but if I have 2 bad experiences in a row, then I'm likely never going back again!

  3. says:

    I always try to give the restaurant another shot (even if I had a bad experience). Waiting on food is the worst part of going out to eat. I think I may have waited 45 minutes or so before.

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