Basic Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday Folks,
Are you as excited as I am that the end of the week is in sight? I cannot wait for a relaxing weekend. 
But, before we can move on and enjoy this weekend, I have to share a little bit about last weekend with you! As you know it was my birthday a week ago yesterday, and I have a couple of amazing surprises!
My mom came into town for less than 48 hours: Monday late – Wednesday early evening. BIG surpise. Lots of fun. For my actual birthday mom and I went to drinks on Roof at The Wit after I got off work. We later met my friends for dinner at a surprise location which turned out to be Green Zebra. We ordered everything Vegan (oh how my friends must love me I though). NO no, we get home and there are VEGAN cupcakes from Bleeding Heart Bakery. SCORE.
My amazing friends SPOILED me. In food and gifts. I received a beautiful green longchamp bag that I have been searching for for years (they finally came out with a color very similar to the one I had seen years ago!). A beautiful blue dress from Anthropology + Starbucks gift card. And the most precious gold necklace that is a metal cutout of my initials. How generous and beautiful. AND my boyfriend spoiled me with the juicer I have been dreaming of!!!
It gets better. 
Saturday night comes around and its celebration time for all of my friends. So, I put on my new blue dress, and get ready to go to dinner and out with all of the girls. The events of the night remained a surprise. I assumed the gift giving was over, and expected nothing more but a good time with friends. 
Missy and Kate
I was wrong.
After we are all ready, the girls (Katie, Kate, Avery, Laura and Missy) call me into the living room and grace me with one final physical gift. A nice big box with impressive weight. They watch me closely as I open the gift slowly.
It was then, when I removed that polka-dot paper that I was overcome with emotion. The generosity of my friends mixed with the love I have for them. The feeling of appreciation and knowing that my friends care so deeply about me. All topped with the fact that they know me way too well. 
This all sprouted from… 

Yep, that’s what was hiding under that wrapping paper. Those b*tches really got me a camera. LOVE them. I almost cried. I had to seriously fight the tears back.
Katie took pictures on her camera of me opening it and the look on my face, and if you want to see them I will be sure to get them so I can post it all!!!

If you didn’t already know. I have been snapping photos with the same point and shoot since high school. Needless to say it doesn’t look pretty and the pictures aren’t terrible but are very limiting. These girls knew exactly what I wanted, without me even mentioning it!

Throughout the week my friends individually gave me a birthday card at special times. Each wrote the most heartfelt notes and I know that I have THE BEST friends in the entire world. The cards and things that these girls did for me this past week will always weigh heavy in my heart (in a good way!) because it all means to much to me!

Anyways, enough of the mushy stuff.

We went to Zapatista for dinner and margs (because hey, it wouldn’t be a birthday without it in this group). The guacamole, fajitas, and margaritas are my new favorites in town and I WILL be going back. The fajitas are served in a pipping hot mocajate and are actually pretty unique. I highly recommend trying them out.

We then headed off to The Drawing Room for Chicago’s famous mixologists specialty cocktails. I got the Jack Rose. Boy, was it strong, but man was it good! Two ordered the specialty fall season cider drink and that was awesome as well!

After drinks at The Drawing Room we headed to meet our guys friends at the Hunt Club and spent the night laughing away. The rest is history.

Sunday was spent at lunch and enjoying the beautiful Chicago weather. We decided against brunch because I think we were all craving the saltiness of Thai and Sushi. I ordered a Tom Kha Khi soup with a side avocado roll. Currently my two favorite items.

Hello picture quality. We’ve missed you around here at The Gourmetour.

Right before we headed to lunch we decided to make a quick detour.

Edgewater (the community in which we reside) has sponsored a Sunday “flea” market, that basically consists of local boutiques, for maybe a year now? Every sunday vendors open up shop in a large unoccupied store front, under this apartment building directly across from the breakfast place that I love, M. Henrietta.
We wondered in and out of the different vendors “storefronts” and gawked over the vintage/misc. items.

Kate and I LOVED this piece. A little touch up here and there, dontcha think?

All of that vintage shopping reminded me of this little jem that I picked up at Marshall’s 3 weekends ago for under $20. What a steal right?

Okay, well enough for today!!!

Talk to you tomorrow, I promise I will actually post pictures of food!

Basic Weekend Recap

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