Big Star

It’s a Saturday, and I’m posting. I know. BIG DEAL. Well it is– a big deal for BIG STAR. All of you Chicago natives out there will appreciate this post. Who doesn’t love Big Star? This lovely taco joint located in Wicker Park has been brought to us by the owners of avec, Blackbird, the Francesca restaurants, Publican, and The Violet Hour. Pretty impressive restaurants right there. 
Anyways, for those of you who are not familiar with Chicago eateries, Big Star most closely resembles an Austin, Texas taco joint. Very modern garage like atmosphere with a beautiful bar and more outdoor seating than indoor. Known for their potent margaritas and gourmet tacos, this place keeps the crowd coming until the late hours of the night. 
Seeing that it was Kate’s birthday on Saturday (St. Patty’s Day), we headed out to Wicker Park to avoid the crowds downtown. And well, because it was this Austin native’s birthday, what better way is there to celebrate than by eating tacos and drinking margaritas at a place that blends Austin and Chicago so perfectly?

If you can’t tell from their faces, that means no, of course there’s no better way to celebrate Kate’s birthday.

We started by ordering a pitcher of margaritas (naturally), and then some chips and guacamole.

The tacos come one per order to encourage mix and matching, but don’t be fooled these little tacos are packed with big flavor and turn out to be quite filling. I veganized my order by asking for no cheese on my Taco de Papas con Rajas and Taco de Hongos con Quelites. You know what that means right? Good, I’ll move on. Naht. Tacos de Papas con Rajas are crispy potatoes, rajas chipotle, queso cotija, onion, and cilantro. Tacos de Hongos con Quelites are smoky roasted portabello mushrooms, blake kale, chipotle, queso fresco, and crunchy taro. Um, yum right?

The girls split a couple, but I didn’t move fast enough – I only snapped one photo. But they ordered the Taco de Panza, Taco de Pescado, and the Taco de Papas con Rajas. (Girls did I get that right). The below picture is of the Taco de Pescado, which looks delicious! The Taco de Panza is crispy, braised pork belly, tomato guakillo sauce, queso fresco, onion, and cilantro. Woah. The Taco de Pescado is beer battered tilapia, chipotle mayo, cabbage, cilantro, and lime.

We had a blast celebrating Kate’s birthday with tacos, margaritas, and Wicker Park. Gotta love Chicago.
Big Star

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