Birthday Fun

Hey there Gourmies,
Ethan’s birthday was at the end of January, and when he came to town for the weekend we were able to celebrate a little something with my roommates. The weekend was jam-packed with concerts, socializing, and group dinners (10 people total!). Saturday, before the festivities began, Ethan and I made healthy green juices that were delish! 

We rested up and headed to the concert that we and a group of close friends were attending. After the concert we all headed to a Mexican restaurant, Zapatista that we’ve all been to a few times before. I used a Giltcity coupon I had for a dinner for 5. We went to the location down in the South Loop, and were EXTREMELY disappointed with the service we received. The waitress was nice enough, but had a little too much sass and wasn’t very helpful with the coupon. The manager changed the story about how we could redeem our coupon about three times before they finally settled on something that would ultimately cost us a lot more money. 
We decided to go with it (before we knew how much more it would be) because it was a “buffet style” deal, so we figured it would get us all fed for less entrees ordered. Unfortunately, the bill still ended up costing everyone $40/person!!!!! Ridiculous…especially considering that I was supposed to get 5 fed for free. I was almost embarrassed that I got us into this! It was supposed to be a number of different dishes to feed 5 people, and there were not terms or conditions. Because we had been to this restaurant before, and knew that the fajitas can be split by at LEAST 3, we planned on ordering more for the remaining people to all split. 
Anyways, Ethan was amazing about it and made me feel a lot better. I just wanted to get out of that place the whole time because it was just too stressful! Once dinner was over people went out, and Ethan and I bee-lined it for my apartment. We wanted nothing more than alone time after that debacle!
The next morning we woke up and headed to breakfast at The Chicago Diner, an all vegan/vegetarian diner! After breakfast we headed to Whole Foods to shop for snacks to watch football and celebrate Ethan’s birthday. We picked up this beautiful mocha cake from Whole Foods for the roomies and Ethan to enjoy, and we grabbed a vegan cupcake for me too! How beautiful is that?

Overall it was an amazing weekend, and they always go too quickly when Ethan is around. I love spending time with my man and I can’t wait for him to move to Chicago next fall. 
How was your weekend? What did you?
Birthday Fun

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