Black Bean and Quinoa Collard Green Burritos

What are you having for dinner?
I hope it’s this.

Kate over at A Healthy Passion inspired todays meal. Her Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos got my mouth watering and I HAD to have them. So, I went out purchased collard greens and went to work. I completely forgot the sweet potato so I improved, and although it turned out aabsolutely delicious, I recommend following Kate’s recipe. Gotta have those sweet potatoes.
I did however add tofu to make up for the substance of the sweet potato, a couple splashes of hotsauce, and a few cherry tomatoes at the end to get that yummy burst. A delicious way to make this more Mexican than seasonal, if that’s the route you want to go down!
For my questions today I actually want to ask about the blog, I want to make sure I am writing about all the stuff you, my lovely readers, are interested in!:
Is there anything else about my days that you would be interested in hearing about?
Would you like me to start posting more about my veganism and that lifestyle?
Should I incorporate more about fashion, exercise, relationships?
Do you want a different kind of food angle? i.e. more meals posted? more instructional posts? etc..
Black Bean and Quinoa Collard Green Burritos

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