I’m back. From Colorado! I returned back to my cozy new apartment this afternoon after an impromptu trip out to Breckenridge to visit Ethan. Although I’ve only ever been to Denver a few times before, and only in the spring and fall, that’s as far as I got out in that beautiful state. My family is based out of the Northeast, and we’ve always planned our ski vacations to New England mountains, so I’ve never been “out West” for ski season. Although we didn’t ski, we engulfed ourselves in the culture of the ski community, and took a beautiful drive through the mountains. Ethan is really excelling as a ski instructor out there..I am so proud of him, and it was really great to see him in his element. He has made great friends out there, and has even gotten close to old friends that are also working at the mountain with him. I had a blast getting to know his friends, the town, and the state better. As always in our opinions, the trip ended prematurely. I can’t tell you how excited we are to say goodbye to the long distance, and hello to seeing each other every day. 

Well, I’ll leave you with those.

Back to work and back to reality.



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