Cantina Laredo – Chicago

Hello readers!
Today’s posts is a recap of drinks at Cantina Laredo here in downtown Chicago. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because it’s actually a chain! The drinks are fantastic and the food is eclectic and delicious. 
To drink, I ordered the spicy margarita, and Avery and Katie ordered the top shelf Patron margs. Delish.
The spicy margarita was like the drink I enjoyed at Karyn’s on Green (one of my new favorites!), with jalapeno, cilantro and spices. The drink at Cantina Laredo was less seasoned but equally spicy, yum!   
The chips are light and baked. The salsas are wonderful as well. One is just simply spicy while the other was the perfect combination of chipotle and spice. 
The ambiance was perfect for the upscale menus, both drink and food.
I didn’t snap any photos of the food because we ended up running into friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. We combined or reservations and spent the evening catching up and enjoying the company. But, almost everyone at the table ended up ordering the Avocado and Artichoke enchiladas. I, of course, veganized it and still it was delicious! Soo yummy! It was served with a side of jicama and mango salsa/salad that was light and fresh and very flavorful. 

After another wonderful night out in Chicago <3


Have you ever been to a Cantina Laredo?
What’s your favorite Mexican dish?
Do you prefer interior/gourmet Mexican or TexMex? and why?
Cantina Laredo – Chicago

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