Cheese Platter

Happy Sunday All! 
I hope you all had fun and relaxing weekends. 
Today’s post is a little appetizer (turned out to be dinner…) idea for that rainy night in with the girls or your special someone:
At Dominick’s, my grocery store, they have a cheese section set up with an employee that is supposed to be like the Cheesemonger. The women at the Dominick’s on Foster is very knowledgeable and friendly. She always recommends the best cheeses and always offers to crack open a cheese just to let me sample it. 
Kate and I went to the grocery store to restock our fridge and pantry because we literally had no food from finals week. We decided to swing by the cheese section to find a cheese that matched the fig spread we already had in the fridge. The woman recommended the Rembrandt cheese. We choose a few other too… The saga blue brie is sooo good. Dill Havarti is one of my favorites. So, we grabbed em!
A really yummy cracker substitution/addition is sliced apples. It adds a yummy crunch with a sweet, juicy and almost bitter flavor. You can add honey to pears and Manchego cheese too! We already had apples and the fig spread so we figured we’d make do with what we had and it really turned out to be perfect! 
Light a candle and you’re in business.
Cheese Platter

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