Chicago Grocery Store Series

Hi Gourmies,
I am thinking about doing a blog series on grocery stores in Chicago. I’ve promised you since day one that I would try my hardest to be a resource that you can refer back to. I am hoping that this series would provide just that. I feel like reviewing grocery stores is a pretty uncommon thing to do, and a lot of people could use the inside information. 
I particularly like researching anything and everything food/nutrition, so who could be a better candidate for this challenge? Grocery stores are a unique retail situation and are vital to our nutrition. I believe that having access to more information can be a great tool for anyone. 
I hope to provide information such as; location/ease of transportation, produce quality, variety, price, uniqueness, healthful options, gluten free options, hot meal options, chain comparisons, etc… 
A few of the options I am looking to include are various local grocers, farmers markets, 



I need to do a little more organizing, but I hope to start the series soon!

What do you think about the Grocery Store Series?
Is there anything in particular you would like to learn?
Are there any stores you would like me to review? 
Chicago Grocery Store Series

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