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I hope you’re having a good week thus far. The beautiful weekend weather certainly did not last. It is a rainy day here in Chicago. I guess we had it coming.
Speaking of the weekend, I ran my first ever road race on Saturday. The Hot Chocolate 5k! As I am sure you can guess the theme was chocolate…

The day was actually a beautiful day, but the early hours were very chilly. I believe the weather was a brisk 35 degrees!! Perfect for hot chocolate. I was able to keep my warm layers on until right before the race, where I timidly passed them off to my roommates.

Before the race started, a semi got stuck under one of the underpasses that was on the course. And by stuck I mean didn’t clear the bridge. I’ve seen this once before in Chicago… clearly something is wrong here. They ended up rerouting and pushing the race back about 15 minutes. Causing another 15 minutes of nerves!

Another car related incident happened later as well! At one point during the race a man drove through the course. Apparently the angry runners opened his door and yanked him out of the car! Rightfully so, he could have really hurt or even killed someone. There were plenty of little children running the race, and with the masses of people they could have easily been hit. Luckily all the chaos did not happen anywhere near me, but my spectator roommates witness the entire thing!

Seeing that it was my first ever race I was slightly nervous, regardless of the short distance. Luckily I did pretty well for training only one week prior. I placed in the top third in my age group and was able to stick to my intended pace even with the over crowding of people.

After the race, my roommates and I had a really hard time finding eachother. An hour and 30 minutes kind of hard time. Needless to say I was freezing, and the excitment of the race wore off a little. We stupidly forgot to make a meeting place, it was those first-race nerves I promise.. After I borrowed a stranger’s phone, called my boyfriend to call the girls we were finally able to reconvene and the excitement came right back to me.

After a great morning we were off to get this runner a pipping hot Starbucks and some warm diner vegan food at the Chicago Diner.

I’d say the day was a success!


Have you ever run a road race?
If so, what race and what distance?
Was there any drama during your race?

Chicago Hot Chocolate 5k

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