Curried Tofu Sandwich

Hi Gourmies!!
Sorry about the mix up yesterday! Thankfully it was probably just a glitch on Blogger, and needed a little time to work itself out. 
I’m really excited to share today’s post with you because this was a last minute concoction that turned out soooo well. Don’t you love that? 
I love the texture of raw tofu, and although I don’t mind the bland taste I know a lot of people are just not into it. This recipe gives the tofu a really strong flavor without loosing the raw texture: we’ve got a winner here!
Curried Tofu Sanwich
What you need:
Sandwich size piece of tofu, cut the thickness to your liking, pressed.
1 tsp. Curry Powder
Sandwich bread (I used Ezekiel english muffins… product review coming soon!)
Greens (I used spinach)
What to do:
If you like your bread toasty, toast the bread. I usually do, but sometimes I crave the doughy texture of regular ‘ole sandwich bread.
Spread hummus on both pieces of bread

Mix curry powder with equal parts water and hummus. If the mixture is too thick add water until a good consistency is reached (still thick though).

 Put the pressed tofu into the mixture and coat evenly.

 Add the tofu onto a side.

 Layer your greens, tomato, and sprouts on top of the tofu.

 Press the second half of bread on top tightly.

 Don’t be afraid to make this if you have to commute. Just wrap it tightly in tin foil and it will hold up well!


Have you ever suddenly made a dish using a last minute ingredient that wowed?
Do you like tofu raw?
What’s your favorite curry dish?

Curried Tofu Sandwich

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