Dos Caminos Las Vegas

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Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve completely lost track of time… I had no idea that yesterday was Monday. Aside from forgetting yesterday, I think I am going to start blogging exclusively on week days, so you can expect that while I’m in Europe!

The Birthday Girl

Today’s post is a little something coming to you from Vegas. On Saturday night we went on a little (literal) “bar crawl” in order to get to see and enjoy some of the places that this city has to offer. The leader of the group befriended us and told us to go to this restaurant during the hour we spent at each location. She explained that if you order appetizers they will bring it out to you in 15 minutes or less; perfect for our situation.

Dos Caminos is located in the Palazzo on the strip. Luckily for you they have locations in; New York, Florida, and New Jersey, so you don’t have to come to the dessert to enjoy this awesome restaurant. 
We sat at the bar and ordered two appetizers and a round of margaritas. The bar tender was extremely friendly and kept our waters full at all times. They had at least two staff members paying attention to us, which in my opinion, is always a wonderful way to ensure restaurant patrons are having a good experience.
They immediately brought out the house salsas (3) with chips (yum). The orange salsa to the right in the below picture was extremely hot. Maggie and I enjoyed this one a lot. If you’re not a spice lover, I wouldn’t recommend even trying it.

 We ordered the guacamole sampler trio and the highly recommended roasted plantain empanadas. The guacamole trio was made up of lump crab chipotle guac, mango papaya habanero guac, and the traditional guac. Each portion offered eclectic and different flavors: spicy, sweet and creamy.

 The empanadas were unreal. Requesòn, black beans and chipotle aioli were blended together with roasted plantains to create the most amazing flavor combination. The textures were perfect too; flakey and doughy.

The one downfall: prices.

Unfortunately, they’re definitely not giving their stuff away for free. Add a round of cocktails and you’re sure to rack up a steep bill fast. When in Vegas, right? 
The guacamole trio was $18, and the empanadas were $10 (gahh). Luckily for them, I really liked the food and the atmosphere so the prices were palatable. 
The Group

Well, I’m off to enjoy our last day in Vegas. I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! Talk to you tomorrow!


Dos Caminos Las Vegas

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