Eiffel Tower

Hi Gourmies!!! 
I’m sorry I was away last week, Comcast dropped the ball on our internet service and we had nothing for an entire week. Oh well. We love technology when it works, hate it when it doesn’t. Good thing I have an aggressive roommate and we got a week credited to our account! 
Anyways, today’s post is just about the last of my Paris pictures, and well I know you want to see my Eiffel Tower pictures. 

This raspberry tart is the most amazing pastry I have ever tasted. It’s from a Patisserie near our apartment that we frequented daily. The textures were perfect and the flavors were fresh. Yum.

This salad ended up being my favorite in Paris. The little grilled phyllo packets were filled with molten hot goat cheese. The golden medallions in the top of the bowl… boiled Indian spiced potatoes. Marsala couscous. Raw fresh vegetables. The list probably goes on. It was a kitchen sink salad. I love kitchen sink salads.

Have you ever been to the Eiffel Tower? 
What’s your favorite kind of pastry?
What’s your favorite kind of salad?
Eiffel Tower

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