Embarking on New Adventures

Hey Gourmies!

I know I told you I am not going to be posting on weekends, as least throughout the duration of my trip (so well into August), but I wanted to say goodbye!!

Today’s the big day: I’m flying to Europe!

As promised, and mentioned before, I have posts all lined up and ready to go while I’m gone; 5 days a week for 5 weeks! So keep on coming bye to say hello. I will also be surprising you with random live posts here and there, and maybe even a Vlog post!! I hope to do post more posts of my European adventures than I have allocated in the blog schedule, but because I am not sure of my access to internet I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. If I find it’s easier to post, than you betcha I will be doing so!

Love you all so much, and we will “talk” again soon!!


Embarking on New Adventures

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