End of 2012

Hi All!

The end of 2012 is in sight, and I can say that it has been the busiest, most productive year to date. I have made so many changes in the past 12 months, I can definitely look back and say that I did NOT expect my 2012 to go the way it did. But, I’m grateful for every day of it and can say I am a stronger, happier person now as 2013 approaches.

Here’s a look back at 2012:

My last college spring break in Myrtle Beach with the best friends a girl could ask for

The decision to quit marketing before it began, and pursue health and nutrition

Graduated Loyola University Chicago

Spent the weekend celebrating graduation with everyone I love

Then, continued the celebration in Napa Valley, CA on a “Mo-Dau” (mother-daughter) vacation with my mom, Katie, and her mom Judy

Packed up my bags and moved cross country, from the city and people I love to death to The Big Apple

Spent some time off at home by the ocean and up at the lake

Watched my mother strut her stuff for a charity fashion show

Visited my family in Atlanta where I was asked by my cousin to be her beautiful daughter’s Godmother

Started culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC

Made some amazing friends through school who really helped my transition into a new city

Flew back to Chicago to watch Ethan and Jon run the Chicago Marathon

Threw a “pumpkin [decorating] party” for all of my new NYC friends- everyone got really into it

Visited the North Fork of Long Island with my culinary school-Kendra came too!

Led my group at culinary school in our final project

Graduated culinary school

and last but certainly not least.. what made this all worth it:

I Started my own business

There is so much more that made this past year so amazing for me, but these few pictures really sum it up. I have been so blessed, despite the emotional struggles I faced (and continue to face). I am proud of myself for setting a goal and having the courage to make it happen. For once in my life I can really be proud of everything I have accomplished this past year. I could not have done it without the support of my friends and loved ones, so thank you for being there for me and giving me your support– even if you thought I was crazy at times.


End of 2012

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