Europe Picture Recap

Hello Gourmies!!!!
Before we get started I want to share something that I think is important to share with my readers, so please stick with me for a sec!
I got to do a lot of thinking about the blog and it’s future while away, and I must say I experienced a mixed pot of emotions: frustration, excitement, disappointment, & pride to name a few. I have to admit I was starting to feel like The Gourmetour’s future was looking rocky. I found myself questioning the blog world and the genuineness of it all. What is the measure of a successful blog? Is there truly “success” in the blog world? What makes it all worth it? Do we all just become sell-outs in the end? Clearly I was holding onto some strong feelings. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would continue with The Gourmetour upon my arrival home. 
But this morning, while catching up on my usual blog reading, I realized how much I missed all of favorite blogs. So much had changed during the month I was gone, and a lot of people experienced some serious life changes. It put the fact that the blog world will go on without me into perspective, and I realized that I’m not ready to let it all go. My passion was given an extra boost and I remembered why I started my blog in the first place; to provide a platform to share some of my favorite things about food with friends and loved ones. So there it is, I’m back and The Gourmetour is ready to take it up a notch. 
Okay back to the good stuff!!!
Finally a live post from me- I’ve missed you so much! Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to check in while abroad, my fears came true that I wouldn’t have a chance to write a post. There is a bright side to this you know… you get to relive my travels with me! Today’s post is not going to be much of a food oriented post, but rather a picture recap of my favorite moments abroad.
Here we go:
Hamburg, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Bratislava, Slovakia

Paris, France

Lago Maggiore, Italy

Fano, Italy

Rome, Italy


What are some of your favorite pictures from above?
What would you like to hear more about based on the pictures?
Have you been to any of the above locations?
Did you read my blog everyday because you missed me so much?

Europe Picture Recap

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