Family Road Race

Hello Gourmies!
Christmas is upon us and I cannot wait to see what you are all up to over the next couple of days. Today’s post is a little holiday 5 mile road race, that my sister and I ran. It was cold at first, but the sun started shining and we warmed up quickly. It was the largest road race that Salem, MA had seen to date so my sister Kendra and I lost each other quickly. 


Me and Kendra before the race.

Can you see us there? This was the start of the race and we were chilllllyyyy.

Me after the race, cheering on the rest of the runners with my mom at the final quarter mile, waiting for Kendra to pass us.

We were both so happy to finish under our goals. At the last mile I was pacing myself against another girl around my age, maybe younger. After the finish line she came and found me and tapped my shoulder to say “good job”. We both laughed that we appreciated the competitiveness the other gave us to help finish strong. I ended up beating her (yay!) and she and I finished in the top third of our age group! 
Have you ever run a road race with a family member?
Family Road Race

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