Fiesta Mexicana- Lincoln Park, Chicago

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend. Sorry for not being around to post, I am still trying to figure out what blogging schedule works best for me, and we had a very special visitor in town this weekend!
Kate and Avery’s little sister Emma was here for a long weekend, and we were busy trying to show Emma what we love about this city. Kate and I took Emma around town for the duration of the day until Avery was out of work and free to meet us. Being the foodies that we are, our first destination as a complete group was… I bet you can guess… dinner. We had not decided on the restaurant that we wanted to visit, but we knew that we weren’t up for a big commute. So, we walked 100 yards and called it a day. Fiesta Mexicana it was.
I know you know we love Mexican, so this post shouldn’t really be much of a surprise to you.
This is the restaurant we went to for Ryanne’s birthday, but the occasion wasn’t to focus on a restaurant review (aka taking pictures of food), the occasion was to enjoy our best friend’s birthday with a big group of good friends. So, because I was unable to really share the restaurant with you, I am glad that I have the chance to now!

Okay, so onto the first order of business: Margaritas. 
My hands down favorite cocktail is a Marg.- on the rocks with salt, done. 
I really am not a harsh critique when it comes to them either. I naturally enjoy a Marg. (yes, capital M) no matter where I am. What’s actually kind of funny about it is that I feel like you can never not enjoy a margarita on the rocks (frozen is a different story because they are easily too sugary, in my opinion that is), but when you have a good one you just know. I mean right? Do you agree? 
Anyways, I really enjoy the Margaritas at Fiesta Mexicana. The price point for theses limey drinks are pretty standard here. They run $8-9 per glass, and offer a discounted price for a pitcher at about $28 for “5  drinks”. Their weekday special is a $5 Margarita on Mondays. 

Since we had made this an earlier dinner, we all agreed that a full portioned dish each was not sounding too great. Typically we split entrees at Mexican restaurants, but this particular occasion we took it to an extreme. 
Emma typically doesn’t prefer to order fajitas so she ordered an appetizer portion of bean and cheese nachos. This dish is $8.79 without meat. 
They packed the nachos very neat and tidy, so I think they were perfectly enjoyable for three one and a great entree substitute. Emma enjoyed them a lot.. and so did Kate and Avery. 
I would have to say that these nachos are slightly expensive (as an appetizer) for what is offered. But because Emma ordered them as an entree the price isn’t too bad. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it sort of does. 

Kate, Avery and I split an order of the vegetarian fajitas. The dish is typical,  I know.
You know how Kath does a Tribute to Oatmeal? Should I start a tribute to vegetarian fajitas? I think I’ll do it.
Back to the man of the hour.
How good do these look? I mean really? A deep cast-iron skillet full of my favorite sizzling vegetables. True perfection.

This dish is $14.99. Unfortunately, this is a little pricey. I would argue that you do get a lot of food though. The three of us split this dish and had left overs. I really love these fajitas though, so I am slightly bias. Quite frankly though, they’re pricey.

 It may look like there is only one piece of broccoli in there, but that’s simply not the case. The skillet is so deep they’re just hiding under there. Dontchu’ worry.

And of course we can’t forget this beaut. I typically prefer black beans because they are normally vegetarian, while refried can go either way but are usually not vegetarian. I have some serious refried-bean loving friends though, so I wouldn’t dare deprive them.

Emma and Avery

Yes, that’s an order of guacamole that I tried to hide from you. We’re addicted I can’t help it. So much so that it was already half gone before I remembered to snap a photo. If you’ve ever watched the t.v. show, Intervention, you can appreciate the tunnel vision an addict experiences when exposed to the substance in question. At least you got a picture here. That’s all I have to say about it, I’m sorry.

Me and Emma
Emma and Kate

Overall, the prices are on the higher side, but the menu is delicious and extensive. I would recommend splitting dishes to keep costs down. The service is attentive and friendly. They have some outdoor seating, and windows that open fully. Live music on the weekends. Lots of in-door seating.
Honestly, I really enjoy the food here, so if you like what you see I suggest you try it out.


Fiesta Mexicana- Lincoln Park, Chicago

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