Food As Art

Happy Friday, yet again!

This week flew by which is very much welcomed, but it wasn’t all fun and games getting here. It was one of those weeks that sucks the energy out of you, and in the process makes the days blur, and the week fly. We had our first real, practical exam in school on Wednesday and the stress of preparing really took a toll on me. In college I was used to a certain, very different, type of test taking, and if I crammed the night before I would feel a predictable level of exhaustion the next day. Well, that’s no longer the case here in culinary school because I was exhausted just thinking about it before the test, and am still feeling the residuals now, three days later. I know that all sounded so negative, but there was some good to the week as well (as usual). Some of the classes included: menu planning I and II, salads I, and food as art!

Per my usual fashion, here are some pictures stolen off of Facebook from some of my school friends for Food as Art (thanks Dana and Utchi)!

As a class, I think we did a fantastic job. We had a brand new-to-the-school instructor for the class, and it made for a slightly new experience because we have yet to really learn her teaching style. It was literally like an episode from chopped where she would give us some instruction on which course we were doing, and then just say “okay, go!”, and we would have 20 minutes to pull random ingredients together to decorate on the plate. It was stressful, and fun all at the same time. I think every one of my classmates enjoyed our Food as Art lecture! It certainly got our artistic juices flowing.

Our class schedule has really started to pick up this week, and we wont have another relief from work and testing until graduation, eek!! This means it’s all very real, and with everyday I feel more and more confident as an aspiring health foods chef! I can’t wait to start really sharing some recipes with you once I graduate!

Well, I’m writing this post from the school library because I have to work a Friday Night Dinner floor shift tonight (a graduation requirement). So I am off to be a waitress for the night.


Food As Art

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