Four Bean Salad & Hummus Wrap

I wasn’t lying when I told you this bean salad was good. I also wasn’t lying when I told you that the salad would reappear. I’m not done. It’ll be back to say hello once more. For now, however, just sit back and enjoy what this 4 bean salad has to offer today. You know I love to makeover my leftover(s); so just check this out. 
Katie came over for lunch… and well, I had this heaping bowl of hearty healthy heavenly(!) bean salad that was just calling her name from my closed fridge. She was basically begging me to make her eat my leftovers. I couldn’t deny this poor girl the opportunity to eat. So when she saw my leftover hummus and salad greens as well, she practically cried for me to let her eat it all up before it went bad. It was really a sad sight I swear. 
She loved it. Every last bite.
I’m actually not kidding though. She came over the next day for lunch with Kate, and they both ate the identical meal as pictured below. It became quite the addiction in my apartment. Who could blame them? Not me. Although, they could probably blame me. Whoops. 
What you need to do:
Well, make the 4 bean salad.
Then, spread roasted pine nut hummus on a tortilla. 
Next, add salad greens.
Finally, top with bean salad.
Roll and enjoy!

Is there anything that you’ve ever made that your friends and/or family couldn’t get enough of?
How about anything that a loved one makes that you can’t get enough of?
Four Bean Salad & Hummus Wrap

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