Friday Favorites

It’s Friday… arguably one of the best days of the week. So I’d say it’s pretty appropriate time to share with you all of my favorite things from the week. Here we go:

1. Ivanka Trump’s Itodiner Riding Boot. My friend Lisa recommended these boots to me, as she is on her second pair, and I just received them in the mail on Tuesday from Amazon. I love that they hit the knee and look chic, without being too over-the-top as some over-the-knee boots can be.


2. The wedding blog, Grey Likes Weddings. Well because we will be featured, but also because I have and have gifted their precious (no pun intended) vintage velvet ring boxes, rightfully dubbed, The Mrs. Box. So dainty and gorgeous. Love it, and them!

Picture 2

Photo courtesy of Lisa’s Instagram unnamed

2. Egg salad and Avocado toast. For some reason making egg salad is super rewarding to me. Yes, even as a trained chef. I think boiling an egg to the perfect color (no dark rings) and texture is definitely an art form as there are (with anything cooking) so many variables. Mostly, distraction.. because like they say a watched pot never boils, so I inevitably walk away and get caught up in something else. So, even though I’ve got the formula down and don’t worry about screwing it up too much, it’s still rewarding to peel the egg perfectly and see the great color and yummy creamy yolk inside. End rant.

Picture 3


4. My best friends. A couple of my closest girlfriends are getting married this year, and I’ve been planning, and helping plan, both of the bachelorette parties. I love bachelorette’s because it’s an opportunity to get to see just your girls in the midst of all the wedding craziness. Yes weddings are fun, yes you spend it with your favorite guys and gals, but it’s still not just friend time. However, a bachelorette gives you the chance to have a fun celebratory weekend with no other social obligations that come with other (amazing) wedding festivities (i.e. shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding day). I’m especially thankful for my gals because they are just about the most generous, easy-going, fun-loving girls I know. DSC_0022 Picture 4 Picture 5


5. Ole Hendrickson’s Power Peel – Professional Spa Grade Kit. I am a relatively recent lover of skin care and makeup products. For years I did the same thing day in and day out, and never really switched it up. I thought it was a waste of money, and maybe it still is, who knows, but I didn’t need it then. However, I’ve started to notice the imperfections in my skin (luckily no wrinkles yet) from red blemish marks/scars, to dark spots from the summer sun. I went into Sephora DESPERATE to find something that would jump start a fresh glow in my skin (in addition to more water and veggies, which always works). I saw “my guy” Dylan and he recommended a few of Ole Hendrickson’s products (#6 below as well). It’s a three step peel that you can do weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. I love these peel because you feel it working (which is always a good feeling, ha), and I notice my skin looks much more fresh in the following days until said water and veggies kick in.

s1431956-main-hero-3006. Ole Hendrickson’s Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil. I know, the name. “Youth Activating”. Dylan from Sephora is my guy, he knows what I need, so I trust him. But honestly, it wasn’t until he said it has all of the omega’s that he had my attention. Omega’s are crucial for many functions within the body, and having the perfect balance of all 3 omega’s (not just omega-3) has an anti-inflammatory affect. My skin needed nourishment badly (think harsh Maine winters), so I tried it and have been loving it. There are so many uses for this oil. Mix it in with your morning or nightly lotion, apply it on it’s own on your cheek bones for a dewey look, under the eyes after a sleepless night. You choose. It’ll get to work. Did I mention, I’m VERY weird about skin care. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and absorbs everything that is put on it within 20 minutes. You can’t eat well then put crap on your skin and expect good results. Ole Hendrickson doesn’t use harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, coloring, fake scents, etc. I really love it.



Do you have anything from this list at home?

What is your favorite pair of boots?

Favorite skin care regime?

Any good bachelorette stories?



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