Friday Tie Up

Hey all!

I told you I’d be back!

I haven’t been sleeping well since I moved up here, I think it’s because I’m totally not used to living alone and partially freaked out to be. I wake up easily now, and even if it’s not a full wake up (which does happens frequently too) I’m certainly not sleeping in REM. Anyway, I didn’t sleep well last night so I slept in rather late before heading straight down to Crema coffee house in the Old Port here in downtown Portland. I hadn’t been before but had heard so many raving reviews that I was excited to plan my morning meeting there. I forgot to snag a quick photo to show you how funky the interior is, but it is HUGE and there was barely an open table in the converted industrial building! Definitely a popular place here, and especially diversified. I saw business meetings, people of all ages working away on laptops, small groups enjoying the food and coffee, and plenty of people funneling in and out grabbing to go.


(I know I’m terrible at taking photos… got this off of google, obviously not busy.. and quite frankly that woman is kind of freaking me out haha! Sorry!)

Definitely the first of many visits to this awesome coffee house.

Next I came straight home and changed for an afternoon spin class! It was a short 45 minute-r so I knew I was in for an intense class, but I wasn’t expecting to feel as fatigued as I did. I think it’s because I went to a step class later in the evening last night, and my body isn’t used to a less than 24hr recovery time.  Either way it was still a great workout, and I’m glad I scheduled it in! By the way it is already fall weather here, and I’m happily bundling up in layers to walk to the gym (or anywhere outside)… here’s what I looked like yesterday (didn’t take a picture today, but had a similar outfit of 4 layers…)

Picture 15

Once I got home I made myself a quick protein packed lunch with plenty of green and a side of my new favorite coconut water for rehydration.

Picture 12 Picture 13


I have a 4:30 that I need to leave the house for, so I’ve been working away all afternoon to tie up loose ends to give myself a bit more time off this weekend once my meeting is over!

OH also! Before I let you go, I gotta tell you about what happened when I was cleaning/putting groceries away a few days ago! I have this wine/bar area that I’ve created in my living room with standard wine racks that hold quite a few bottles all together. Well, Whole Foods (WFM is how you’ll see my refer to it on here from now on) was having a wine sale so I stocked up to fill the empty spaces. I came home and put everything away, and as I was rearranging the current bottles all of a sudden red wine started spurting out everywhere! I quickly realized what was going on and was luckily able to grab the broken bottle out of the rack before too much got out.

Picture 14

So as you can see the neck of the bottle just clean popped right off! I was barely touching it as I pulled it out of the wall rack mount when it must have hit the holder in just the right way that it created pressure to pop off. I blame poorly tempered glass honestly though… it was being held in a super standard rack, nothing that would have put too much pressure on the neck or anywhere else on the bottle. However I am still slightly nervous that it could happen again. Let me just tell you though that despite the small amount of wine that is missing from the bottle in the above picture, it spurted out like a (sorry for the graphic image here, but..) a cut to the jugular… it went everywhere. I spent 45 minutes scrubbing the immediately stained walls and practically gave myself hydrogen peroxide burn. Luckily my couch is scotch-guarded, and the rug was far enough away that only a small bead of wine made it’s way over to it, and came up without a problem, and well I don’t care too much about the linen napkins on the bar/bottom rack.

Anyway, sorry for the long story but it was just the weirdest thing! Hopefully that was just a fluke and wont be happening EVER again. So, that’s the drama for the day! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and hopefully I’ll see you back here sometime this weekend.





Friday Tie Up

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