Fun News!

Good Morning Gourmies!

Today’s post will be short and sweet. It’s exactly 3:00am and I am taking a break from finals work. 
I should have a restaurant post for you on Saturday… Surprise, Surprise– it’s Mexican. 
I told you my friends and I love the stuff. More to come on that this weekend.
I just wanted to quickly tell you that it’s happened again! 
I randomly decided to check my blog stats, especially after my minor absence from the blogosphere, and was surprised to see a heavy volume of traffic coming from this one site. 
Well, needless to say I clicked it. 
And it took me here.
And after a little bit of scrolling, 
I found this!
Uptown Update is a neighborhood blog for Chicago residents living in…well, Uptown. 
The best part is that this area is really close to where I live! 
The blog acts as a great reference for people interested in everything that Uptown living has to offer; from live news updates and a calendar of upcoming events, to restaurants (you know I love that) and farmers markets (I really love that).
Uptown Update provides a medium for locals to really connect to a common appreciation: Uptown!
And well, as you may already know, The Gourmetour aspires to become a diverse reference; providing trustful insights to the foodie topics & places that exist in your world. 
Uptown Update does a great job at just that for its readers.
Can you tell I really have an appreciation for “things-in-common”?
Now for a little something to make you smile, and again it doesn’t have to do with food!


Fun News!

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  1. Katherine Welch says:

    Congrats on the shout out on the other blog! Also that youtube video is adorable, thanks for sharing! Good luck on your finals!

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