Green Goddess Dinner

Happy Friday All!!

So, I’ll admit that I have most definitely jumped on the healthful smoothie making bandwagon… Part berries, part banana, yadda yadda.
I love the few basic smoothies I have made thus far.. none of which, however, include spinach, a vitamix, or any ingredients that claim the “Green Monster” title.
Yes, I’ll admit I have a bag of frozen spinach in my freezer that has been literally sitting there for months, purchased with the sole intention of creating such smoothie.
I don’t even think people put frozen spinach in Green Monster smoothies!
And yes, I highly covet the Vitamix.
I guess you could say I am an amateur smoothie maker; it takes baby steps to reach the confidence needed to make a smoothie with spinach while fully expecting it to taste good.


I’m not a healthy-green failure if that’s what you’re thinking; actually, I am a bit of a green-goodness Goddess. Yes, that word reads: “Goddess”. I can claim that title not because of my smoothie making skills, or lack there of. But rather, my ‘Green Monster” dinner skills. “Dinner?”you ask… nooo, not a smoothie for dinner. This dinner will remain in solid, hot form.. well, you know what I mean.

I would like to introduce you to my good friend, The Green Goddess Dinner (no such salad dressing required).
This is a healthy mix of yummy green foods: a leafy salad, roasted brussel sprouts, and a California veggie burger on a yummy perfect amount of bread, Bagel Thin. Add ketchup for color, and well lets be honest: sugar (sorry, you can’t have it all but I promise you’ll survive).

A lot of buzz about Bagel Thins have come up recently. Well, I am not promoting it through endorsement, or running any sort of sponsored races involving such bagel-y goodness, rather I just actually enjoy these “bagels”. They are really good for sandwiches and yummy foods that require bread as a vehicle to which you deliver said foods to your mouth. This is because, in my opinion, I always end up ripping some bread off the top or bottom of buns and certain breads in order to make way for the actual “meat” of the thing I’m trying to eat!  Anyways, to end this little rant… Bagel Thins actually contribute to the perfect bread:’wich (read: bread -to-‘wich) ratio.

Back to the Green Goddess…

While the brussels were cooking, I lightly coated my salad greens. Keyword here is lightly.. you cannot have a leafy salad if it is swimming in dressing.. that is a leafy soup. Put them in the fridge and let sit until you are ready.
Because the oven is preoccupied during this time, I suggest you cook your veggie burger on your stove top or grill; do not broil it as it suggests on some packaged varieties.
I used the stove top.
Lightly sprits one pump of cooking spray to your fry pan. Heat fully to medium high before adding your burger. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side.
At the last minute of cooking pop your bagel thin in the toaster and warm, heat, whatever, just don’t toast it. They cook so fast, make sure to put your toaster setting on 1 or less and pop it out if it’s in there longer than 60 seconds. Seriously, trust me.
Hopefully you have timed your ‘sprouts well, because this dinner is best served hot.

I enjoyed the rest of this on the side. I love Kombucha. Guava and Cranberry are my two favorite.

Laury‘s Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie Balls for dessert! Last night of sweets until a bunch of other bloggers, following Laury’s lead, take on a “sugar-detox” challenge! Wish us luck!

What’s your favorite “green” focused meal? Don’t be afraid to say smoothie either!
Have you ever taken on a “detox” or health challenge?
What are your weekend plans?

Green Goddess Dinner

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