Happy Birthday To Me

Hello Gourmies.

That’s right. Today’s the magical day. Today is my 21st Birthday. I have only been around 21 years, and yet I’ve already been around 21 years. Today is the day that all of my previous posts about a somewhat illegal substance, become legal. Today is the day that I enter into the real world of adulthood, even if no one admits to it.. or acts like it.

I am twenty-one. Eleven years ago I was ten. Nine years from now I’ll be thirty. This is the time of my life. Right here, right now. Please celebrate with me today. Yes, it’s a tuesday during a work week. Fine, you can wait until the weekend. But at least take the excuse to eat a [vegan] cupcake tonight [and this weekend!].

Here’s a few words of 21st birthday wisdom from the Julia Child of the Blog World, Joy The Baker.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry a Gourmie.


Happy Birthday To Me

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