Healthy Shake

Happy Wednesday!

This morning has been jam packed with running errands and doing small things around the house. I’ve gotten a lot checked off my list, but today is the senior bar crawl at Loyola and the festivities start at 2pm! Although I am a big fan of day festivities, today my friends are busy either working or getting ready for the big move out of our beloved apartment(s) so we probably wont make it out for then. We’ve lived in this neighborhood for 4 years, and this specific apartment for 2, so it will be sad to leave this area in the upcoming weeks. Luckily, the weather here isn’t fantastic today, so it’s making it a bit easier to stay indoors and focus on what needs to be done rather than the fun festivities going on out there. Additionally, my Aunt+Uncle+Cousin are coming in first thing tomorrow for graduation weekend and I want to be 100% rested and relaxed for them. I’ll let you know how well that plan works come tomorrow.

The past couple of weeks of senior festivities have definitely taken a toll on my body. I have not been routinely working out this semester, and I have taken almost every opportunity to spend time with my friends and classmates to celebrate our graduation. As I’m sure you can imagine that involves lots of eating out and happy hours. It’s all finally catching up to me and I am not feeling my best. Don’t you worry though, I am still going to enjoy this weekend and all the fun that is to come without stressing too much. All it takes are a couple of healthy decisions mixed with some balanced eating to get me back on track to feeling great.

That leads me to today’s food post! Healthy “shakes”!

Instead of calling it a smoothie, which I am sure many of you bloggers have seen around the blogosphere, I’m calling it a shake. Yes it has fruit, no it doesn’t have ice cream. Just hear me out. This “shake” isn’t ice cream or fruit heavy. What I did is use my favorite frozen banana trick as the base in the blender, mixed it with ice and added some powders (Maca, PB2, & Vega) and spices (ginger, vanilla extract, etc.). I then added coconut oil and lots of kale. Because it was not fruity at all and had the thick consistency of a shake, I decided that it was more appropriately dubbed a healthy shake than a smoothie. I topped it with some granola and throughout eating added some extra almonds. It is so delicious, you don’t taste the kale one bit, but what you do get is that rich peanut butter flavor with a thick ice cream texture. The kale, ginger, pb2, vega, and coconut oil add so many super dense, super healthy nutrients and components to this shake, we should all be eating this shake all the time!


ps. As I’m finishing this post, the sun is making an appearance.. I’m starting to itch to get outside and enjoy it!

What’s your favorite “shake” or smoothie combo? 

Do you like lots of fruit, or do you try to get as many veggies in there as possible?

Do you like to make them at home, or buy them out/premade? 

Healthy Shake

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