Hilary’s Cookies Product Review

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I’ve been so excited to share today’s post with you because, I have found a new love. I rarely claim any sort of cookie as my favorite flavor or even dessert, but folks the times are changing. I am absolutely obsessed with what may be the most surprising type of cookie: a vegan one. Now as many of my frequent readers have probably already observed, I eat a 100% vegetarian diet while eating at home and while eating out, and I eat about an 85% vegan diet when eating at home. I absolutely adore vegan desserts, but tend to typically fall under their own category, not so beautifully and seamlessly recreate a classic. So, when I came across these cookies at Wholefoods one day, and noticed how unbelievably undercooked moist they looked in addition to being on sale, I just had to try them. Now, I don’t usually go for butterscotch as my first choice but after these babies I have certainly developed my appreciation for the flavor.

Hilary’s Cookies is a Chicago based cookie company with various rendezvous at celebrity events in L.A. (source). I guess those celebs love her cookies, and quite frankly I can’t disagree with them. 
Hilary’s offers their full line of regular cookies in a vegan option, allowing those of us who follow a vegan diet the chance to experience the beauty of the buttery masterpiece we call the cookie. 

The line of Hilary’s cookies that I tried are perfectly portioned smaller cookies that leave you feeling satisfied yet still happy in your decision to have a cookie. 
When I first opened the box I was surprised to find that they did not smell of plastic. Weird statement, I know, but I’m not sure if any of you have ever opened a box of plastic packaged cookies to be highly disappointed at the smell and flavor the cookies have taken on due to packaging. So, I was off to a good start.
The only recommendation I can make for packaging is maybe to separate the stacks with parchment paper. The dense, undercooked texture of the cookies made them stick together, which is really not a big deal but it did leave the surface of the following cookies less than perfect. 
The oatmeal added a perfect hardiness to the texture, I would say making it a huge contributor to the denseness of the cookies.
The flavor was on spot: not too much butterscotch or sugar to leave you overwhelmed, but rather a subtle addition and compliment of each that left you appreciating and lingering on each and every bite. 

Honestly, I will be purchasing these cookies again and am more than interested in exploring the other flavors that Hilary’s cookies have to offer. I highly recommend these cookies to vegan and non-vegan lovers. 
What’s your favorite cookie?
Are you vegan? If so what’s your favorite dessert?
If not have you ever had a vegan dessert?
Hilary’s Cookies Product Review

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