Homemade Pizza in the Loop

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am going to share some of the photos from Kate and Avery’s 21st birthday weekend!
Judy (Katie’s mom) was generous enough to host the group of us at her place in the Loop on Saturday morning. We arrived to mimosas and prepped pizzas! Katie, Judy, and Maggie decorated and gave it a really fun party atmosphere. It was a great escape from everyone’s normal routine and we all had an absolute blast. Thank you Judy, Katie and Maggie!
Judy working her magic!
 Judy and Katie have been making these pizzas forever, and Judy finally had a great excuse to buy this amazing European outdoor grill! It has grilling capacity, but is highly specialized for pizza making. This tool is so perfect for these two women (and me, being the additional foodie friend) I can’t wait to spend many more nights putting this grill to good use.
The super pizza grill
The Chef and her grill
Each pizza was extremely unique, in the sense that they were three completely different pizzas with a different method of preparation for each. All were absolutely amazing, and we ended up going through (I lost exact count, but I think…) 7 pizzas!
“7 Whole Pizzas! Wow!” -Katie
The first pizza up was the potato and caramelized onion pizza. YUM. I’ve been looking forward to this pizza for a long time and it surpassed my expectations. It was light yet had density to it. The flavors were subtle and unique. The onion and potato were cooked perfectly, and overall the pizza was top notch.
Potato & Caramelized Onion
This picture captures everyone’s feelings perfectly.
The second pizza was the smoked salmon and goat cheese pizza. The dough baked first with a little bit of olive oil and some seasoning. After the crust was finished, Katie topped the pizza with pulled smoked salmon and goat cheese. The goat cheese warmed perfectly and the textures were unreal.
“Wow the textures are unreal” -Micah
The third pizza was the Margarita based pizza. This pizza was unique because it was only one with sauce and the type of cheese is unusual. Judy put sauce, Burrata cheese, and basil. Burrata cheese is a mozzarella filled with a creamier cheese. I highly recommend trying this cheese if ever you encounter it. Every single pizza was delicious, but this one was everyone’s favorite!
Burrata & Basil Pizza
Look at that basil!
#1 Seller
Again, these faces are perfect. Thanks Ryanne!
After the last of the pizza had been devoured we all hung out and digested just long enough to expose ourselves to every different type of filled cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes. (Sidenote: I am eating a Molly’s cupcake in my Gourmetour picture! I promise to do a review soon!) Overall it was a great day filled with good food and friends. I can’t wait to do it again. 
Box 1 of 2 filled with every type of Molly’s Cupcake
The Whole Group (minus Judy). From left, Micah, Ryanne, Madison, Kate aka Birthday Girl, Betsy, Maggie, Katie, Me, Avery aka Birthday Girl
Thanks for stopping by Gourmetour readers. See you next time!
Homemade Pizza in the Loop

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