How to clean your engagement ring

When you’re newly engaged or married, people tend to ask to see your ring(s) frequently… and really who doesn’t love to show ’em off, even if you’ve been married 50 years! In addition to a fresh manicure, or at least moisturized hand, it’s nice to keep your rings sparkling like new specifically for this occasion. In the winter months I find it’s hard to keep the brand-new sparkle look with all of the lotion I’m applying. Especially because I have a filigree detailed ring.. lotion LOVES to hang out in those nooks and crannies. I am all about home-made cleaning remedies, and I’ve been using this cleaning trick since Ethan and I got engaged. Recently,  I’ve had a handful of my girlfriends ask me for my ring cleaning “recipe”.. so I figured I would share it with you all today!

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Picture 7It’s a simple 1 tbs:1cup solution.. so if you are using more or less than a cup, adjust the baking soda accordingly.

Picture 8The water will fizz, mix it all together and let the bubbles die down.

Picture 9Let the rings sit in the solution for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

Picture 11I try to scrub under the diamond and between the prongs or wherever there are spaces (such as filigree). I tend to avoid scrubbing the metal, at least where no diamonds sit because I don’t want to overly scuff the metal. If it needs polishing, see your jeweler for a free cleaning and buff!

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Picture 14What do you think? Have you tried this cleaning method before? What do you use to clean your rings?


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