If Your Oven’s Ever Broken-Kashi/Archer Farm Frozen Pizza Review

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Today’s post is a hybrid– It’s a mix between a product review and a fun dinner idea. As you all are very well aware… my oven went out for a full week (and then miraculously fixed itself). 
Well, my roommates were getting very antsy about the lack of real dinner items that were being prepared throughout the duration of the week. They also have a slight obsession with Archer Farms/Kashi frozen pizzas. One of the girls planted the seed of having a frozen pizza for dinner in the heads of all the others, and got the brainstorming juices flowing to find an oven solution. Low and behold my lovely roommates came up with the idea to grill our pizza. It’s not like grilling pizza has never been done before, but to do so for the frozen pizza variety I’m sure is sparse. 
In addition to the utilization of the grill and the beautiful weather, it was a great chance to spend some quality time together for Micah’s last night in Chicago. She will be going back home to Connecticut for a summer internship and we wont get to see her beautiful face until August..
We ended up grilling a bunch of different pizzas… I guess we were hungry. Missy and Avery have a very serious and loyal love of Archer Farms frozen pizza. Archer Farms is the Target brand. Target is not far from us but is still a trip from our regular grocery stores. That being said, in order to appease their love of pizza I often pick up a few Kashi frozen pizza’s instead. This particular night we had both on hand.
We turned the burners on and heated the oven to about 500 degrees. The hard thing about grilling is that the temperatures get very hot, very quickly and are much harder to regulate than an oven. That being said, when grilling pizza’s (or any food I guess) it is vital to be monitoring the cooking process. 
I ended up forgetting that the oven was heating up and when it came time to put on the pizzas, the grill was at like 700 degrees. I turned off the back burners and left the top up for about 5 minutes. I got the oven temps down and put on the pizzas, closed the lid and let them cook for the designated time (about 15 minutes I think?). I checked on them every-so-often and ended up taking them off early because the temperatures were not at a stable 475. The first round of pizzas were cooked on a cookie sheet because the directions said to do so. We were worried that the integrity of the pizzas would not hold up to the intensity of the grill. They came out pretty well, but we decided to test the second round without the sheets. The second round cooked MUCH better and had a more genuine crisp. We all suspected that would be the case, but were nervous to deviate from the original instructions. It paid off. 

We sat around for hours laughing and telling stories, it was really a great time: a perfect way to celebrate our friendship with Micah on her last night in town. 
Now, on to the product reviews:
The Archer Farm pizza’s are nutritionally moderate; meaning, neither good nor bad. The saturated fat is about 25% of your DV so it really is just fine (I used the Margherita pizza for my valuation). The Margherita and Spinach and Goat Cheese pizzas are Missy and Avery’s favorite. 
Of those two pizza’s, the Margherita is my favorite because of the way it bakes. I think that the Spinach and Goat cheese doesn’t cook very well, not in terms of doneness but really that the spinach and the goat cheese just look kind of blah when it’s done. The taste is normal but it just looks like a frozen pizza.The Margherita could use more tomatoes in my opinion, but the cheese melts well and tastes yummy. 
I would say that my favorite Archer Farm pizza is the Mediterranean Pizza. It is loaded with really yummy vegetables like eggplant. It cooks really well and the pizza is jam packed with toppings. Then again, I really love any pizza that is loaded with a variety of vegetables. 

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Next up is the Kashi pizzas. Kashi offers just about the same variety as Archer Farms. However, recently Kashi has extended it’s product line to thin crust and exotic flavors such as “Mexicali” and “Carribean”. 
My favorite Kashi pizza is the Mushroom Trio & Spinach. It has an interesting sauce, almost like a creamy tomato sauce. It has really great flavors and the mushrooms add a great texture without getting to droopy (as mushrooms can often get). 
One thing that I definitely need to point out is that I prefer the Kashi crust much more than the Archer Farm pizza crust. Kashi’s has more flavor and also honors both a crunchy and doughy texture. 
Kashi’s Margherita pizza slightly beat Archer Farm in saturated fat, and protein values. However, the sodium level is significantly less in Archer Farm’s Margerita pizza. Seeing that the other values are literally a gram difference, the Archer Farm pizza’s may be a better selection for people that are/need to be sensitive to nutritional content. Remember the numbers that I have been comparing are for the Margherita pizza, they will vary for other varieties. 
Photo Credit: http://faithfulprovisions.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Kashi-Pizza.jpg
Photo Credit: https://mobilegrocerystockers.com/products/17164.jpg
Have you ever tried either pizza brand? Is frozen pizza a scary food for people? Have you ever tried grilling something that is not usually grilled?
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If Your Oven’s Ever Broken-Kashi/Archer Farm Frozen Pizza Review

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