Jennifer’s Salad

Jennifer’s salad huh? Yep. It is. My salad. Named after me. 
Why? Because.
Because, it is my new creation that I am obsessed with and have been making at least once a day (I wanted to type that as one sentence so you would know to read it without taking a breath, but I figured I’d save you the 5 minutes it would take to decode that). 
Anyways, you may be wondering what makes it so good then? Well, I’ll get to that, but first I would like to tout the praise and attention Jennifer’s Salad has received over the course of its life. And, I can do that in one sentence. One very very significant sentence.
One day at school last week, a guy friend sat down to have lunch with me. After discussing our reasons for bringing a lunch, and praising each other for being so budget savvy, he took a look at what it was that I had packed. He then looked at his bologna sandwich with potato chips and an individually packaged cheese string, and looked back at Jennifer’s salad and exclaimed “wow, that’s one heck of a good lookin’ salad”. 
Um, yeah.. it’s Jennifer’s salad. 
Anyways, the events may or may not have unfolded with such heightened drama, but the moral of the story is that he is a guy’s guy, lack of salad in his daily diet and all, and took notice at how delicious my creation looked.
I think we have a winner, folks.
Jennifer’s Salad
What you need: 
(Serving sizes are up to you!)
Kale, raw
Avocado, ripe and cut into chunks
Carrots, shaved and cut into long diagonals 
Red and green pepper, cut into bite size pieces
Tomatoes, grape (which I prefer) or beefsteak (that are cut into wedges)
Cucumber, cut into bite size wedges
Baby ‘bella mushrooms, sliced
Black beans, raw
Dried apricots
Annie’s Shiitake & Sesame Dressing, or balsamic if you’d prefer

You may notice here that the salad has magically transferred to a bowl. It’s not magic. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been making it with every chance I get. 
What’s your favorite salad creation? Is it original to you? 
Where’s your favorite place to buy a salad?
Jennifer’s Salad

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