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Today’s post has honestly been long a time coming. The first time I visited this restaurant was for my birthday with Ethan, sans camera. Considering Karyn’s on Green is one of the most famous vegan restaurant in the country, I wanted to make sure I shared the love with all of you! 
I visited for the second time to celebrate a girls night with Katie, Avery, and Laura. One thing that I absolutely adore about these girls is that they are so open, and very curious, to vegan cuisine. They were debatably more excited to visit Karyn’s than I was! 

Bread and “butter” was served immediately. The butter was seasoned and delicious.

The girls ordered off the regular menu.

I chose the Prefixed.

After visiting a second time, I can officially say the drinks are strong. They have a very creative cocktail menu that mixes funky drinks and old classics.

We decided that we would share just about everything, and the girls ordered the sliders plate. It consisted of one “chorizo” and one “crab” slider. I loved everything on this plate, down to the ciabatta rolls. Delicious.

The girls also ordered the maki roll. Honestly, even if I wasn’t a vegan or vegetarian I would still order vegetarian sushi – I just love the stuff. When Ethan and I visited we ordered the raw maki, and LOVED it. I honestly would go to Karyn’s just for the raw maki. The regular maki was  good, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Sorry for the low grade picture here. I’m still learning everything about my new camera. I have learned a lot just through experience + google, but I do think that I need to take a class to really make sure I get everything down. Anyways, this photo is of the Roasted Foraged Mushrooms with a truffle chive polenta cake…. yeah, I know. The name says it all. It was delicious. I think that it was the overall table favorite for the night. I would definitely recommend this dish. Maybe I will even try to recreate it for you all to make at home!

I got the Butternut Squash soup as part of my prefixed. It came garnished with candied hazelnuts. The soup was too sweet for me. I have since had a carrot and ginger soup and felt that it too was slightly sweet for my preferences. So, maybe others would enjoy it but it wasn’t my favorite.

My meal also came with the Brussel Sprouts salad. Um. Delicious doesn’t even describe this accurately enough. Laura and I LOVED this salad. It is served with sliced apples, chopped almonds, and tossed in a light apple-cider vineager-like light dressing. It was crunchy, fresh and light. Just what a salad should be.

I had the special pasta, which is not on the online menu, but was filled with squash and served in a thick “butter” squash sauce. The textures were wonderful, and the table really enjoyed this dish. It could have honestly used more flavor, but more on that later.

Laura got the Fra Diavlo with “crab” in a chili flake marinara. It was served with a “buttery” garlic bread. This was the table’s favorite entree. Kate even asked to take Laura’s leftovers home.

I couldn’t get a good picture of Kate and Katie’s entrees. They both ordered the Pumpkin Risotto, which is what I ordered last time as well. When I ordered this dish I found that the flavors were boarder line bland, but enjoyed it enough that I thought maybe I just got a bad batch. Unfortunately, I think I must have had a good batch, because if I thought mine was bland– to be blunt about it– theirs were tasteless. I know that sounds harsh, and I enjoyed the food up until that point, but I think that with any squash dish you have to make sure the seasonings are spot on in order to avoid that blandness that can sometimes happen with pureed squash.

The food was spotty, but the overall meal was tasty. But, the service was also spotty, our waters were constantly filled but the water servers and was great, but our waiter was sometimes MIA. Ethan and I found the same thing when we visited; 45 minutes had passed before we could place our order. Admittedly, the menu takes a while to comb over considering it’s all vegan and you just kind of want to take it in. But, the servers really were not around when I felt they should have been.

For dessert my menu came with the donut served with “icecream”. Ethan and I ordered this last time and I loved the dessert both visits. It’s the perfect vegan donut.

We also ordered the German Apple Cake. We were not disappointed with either desserts. The cake was served warm a la mode. The cake was delightfully spongey and full of fall flavors. Yum, yum. 
Overall the visit was fun and enjoyable, and I will definitely go back. I want to support vegan dining and did enjoy my meal. Wherever you are, check out the vegan restaurants in your area. It makes a fun night out just by going out to dinner alone! 
Have you ever been to Karyn’s on Green? How was your experience?
Have you ever visited a vegan restaurant? What was your favorite dish?
Karyn’s on Green

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