Kombucha Spritzer

Hello Gourmies!
We have three reasons to celebrate today:
1. It’s Friday.
2. It’s the first day of July.
3. I leave for Vegas in T-7 hours. 
I think everyone can agree to the statement “where does time go?” for at least one of the above milestones. Right?
Well, today’s post is appropriate no matter which of the above resonates with you. 
I’m super excited to share this with you, because I came up with it a few days ago and have been patiently sitting, waiting for the right moment to reveal it. 
I came up with today’s concoction earlier in the week after trying to watch the Bachelorette on my computer. Now, no matter if you love or hate the show I think we can all agree that sometimes it just calls for a cocktail. I wouldn’t label my roommate and I “drinkers”, but we enjoy our wine and occasional margarita (read cocktail). 
Since we are leaving in a few hours for pretty much over a month, we have been cleaning out our cabinets as much as possible, and had no vino. I was pacing through the kitchen brainstorming what to make with the nice bottle of tequila that I purchased to slowly enjoy when, with the first opening of the fridge, it hit me; Citrus Komucha, check; tequila, check; makeshift margarita, check! 
So, I did what my intuition told me to do. Thankfully, you should always trust your intuition, because with that I present: 
The Kombucha Spritzer!

 Do you think we can get away with calling this good for you? Healthy? Maybe? I’m going to roll with it. It makes me feel better about my decisions.

What you need:

Citrus Kombucha (I highly recommend GT Dave’s)
Clear Tequila
2-3 Icecubes

What to do:
Pour one shot or less of tequila into a glass.
Fill with Kombucha.
Add ice.

That’s it! What a beautiful thing.


Have you ever made a cocktail using random ingredients, and been pleasantly surprised?
What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or not!)
Do you drink Kombucha? What flavor is your favorite?

Kombucha Spritzer

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