Last Weekend

Happy Monday All!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day weekend! Here’s how I spent mine.


Friday was spent working with the talented Haley Graham with Haley Graham Company, and Christina Edwards taking beautiful photos and creating Haley’s website.

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We spent the day styling and photographing her jewelry, and all of the “back office” work to create her website and get it up and running live. It was so much fun having three different creative minds work together to produce such a wonderful end product. I really am beginning to find my passion in collaborating with women to encourage them to follow their dreams and start small businesses. From providing basic information about how to get started and what to focus on, to basic website development and business information, I really enjoy it all.


I worked at the bridal salon on saturday and worked with some amazing brides and their bridesmaids. It was a slower day so I was able to leave after my last appointment, before the store closed, which was such a treat on Valentine’s Day. I got home to Ethan preparing a special dinner for us. He created a picnic in our attic on our outdoor patio furniture that is in storage for the winter. It was fun because he light lots of candles, put a rug down, and perched us next to the window with a view of the Portland skyline. We finished the meal with extra wedding cake that we froze (not the top, we’re saving it for our anniversary!), and a movie. Sorry I don’t have any great photos!

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We had Mason & Haley and Doug & Amanda over for what we thought was going to be a snow day stuck inside, but turned out to be a gorgeous sunny winter day. We made brunch and spent the day playing games, watching movies, and baking!  We stayed inside because it was super cold and windy, but the guys left for a while to expel some energy. They ended up throwing around a football in the street in front of our home (on a dead-end!). Our group is just amazing because we feel so comfortable just hanging out and doing our thing without any expectation of what should or needs to happen. It was the perfect lazy resting day with friends. I didn’t manage to catch any photos, whoops!!

What did you do this weekend?

Did you have any fun Valentine’s Day plans?



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