Le Hangar, Paris

It’s finally Thursday Gourmies!

Today’s post is a little something to whet your palate for the weekend: more Paris.
During the first half of our Paris trip we visited the Centre Pompidou to get our modern art fix. While admiring various exhibits and gawking over pieces by Picasso, we were able to work up an appetite [are there really any surprises here?]. 

When we finally made our way out of the museum, we whipped out our guide books to compare restaurant reviews and get a feel for the neighborhood. One of the girls had read about Le Hangar in one of her books and suggested it because of it’s reputation as being “a hidden gem”. Throughout our trip we were pretty good at avoiding restaurants mentioned in guide books, in order to really experience an authentic trip, but we were desperately hungry and the published menu looked pretty good.
So off we went.
It took us a couple of trips up and down the street that the restaurant is listed off of, but we finally took a chance down an unmarked side alley street and there it was. We sat down outside and were given a French menu. They heard us speaking english and a few minutes later brought the english menu. There were definitely differences between the two, so we tried our hardest at interpreting the French menu.
Unfortunately, we were not finding anything that really stuck out to us. The menu had changed (which we were not surprised by) and they didn’t have certain dishes that were listed on the English menu. After debating leaving for about 5 minutes, our rumbling bellies and plummeting blood sugar levels demanded that we stay. 
We all finally ordered what looked best to us, and took a chance on a bottle of red. 

Thank goodness we stayed. The wine was wonderful and the food turned out to be just as good!
Katie and I ordered a freshly hand made spinach ravioli dish with a side of the green bean salad. Um, yeah. The pasta was fantastic; delicately crafted ravioli lightly coated in a flavorful cream sauce. The bean was crispy and flavored with vibrant parmesan flakes.

 Maria ordered the salmon with mashed sweet potato. She said that the salmon was cooked to her liking and the potatoes were wonderfully flully.

Kate ordered the chicken and although the picture does not look all that appetizing, she said that the flavors were there and the chicken was perfect.

P.s. Does anyone recognize this man here? We were convinced he was in a band because of his conversation. They were British if that helps you. Haha!

Have you ever taken a chance on a restaurant that you were iffy about, just to be pleasantly surprised? 
What about the opposite; great looking restaurant, unfortunately disappointing?
Le Hangar, Paris

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