Light Squash & Quinoa Dinner

Today’s post comes from a little random motivation I got in ze kitchen last night. I have been transitioning to a vegan diet over the past couple of months (minus Europe, as you can see from my previous posts) and I am loving it thus far.
I saw this beautiful squash at the grocery store the other day, and had to buy it. And well, today I wanted to cook with it. I had this wonderful plan of using my leftover cooked quinoa with the last two portobello mushroom caps I had in the fridge. I went to get the mushrooms and realized that I had missed the mark on ’em and they were slightly too old (read: smelly). Yuck.
So I improvised and made this delightful concoction:
Light Squash & Quinoa Dinner
What you need:
1 Lg. yellow squash
2 servings of cooked quinoa
3 Tbs. Parma! vegan cajun parmesan (note the cajun, if you don’t have it add a pinch or two of taco seasoning)
2 Tbs. evoo
Salt+Pepper+Garlic salt to taste (apprx. 1 Tbs. each)
What you need to do:
Cook the quinoa as package instructs.
Cut both ends off of the yellow squash. Cut in half, and in half again (see below photos). Cut into very thin half medallions. 
Heat your saute pan on high heat. Add your evoo. Heat oil. 
Add the squash. 
Add 2 Tbs. of the parmesan and the full amount of the other seasonings. 
Cook thoroughly until each side is transparent and browning. 
Plate the quinoa and squash and add the last tablespoon of parmesan.

Light Squash & Quinoa Dinner

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