Lunchbox Diaries Presents: Tips for Healthful Restaurant Dining

(Psst. Hi all! Today’s post comes from a beautiful woman that I look to for a little pick me up … daily. As you will soon see in her smile, Colleen of The Lunchbox Diaries is naturally bubbly. Take a look at her blog, even the pictures of her laugh are contagious!)

Hi , Gourmetour fans! My name is Colleen and I hang out over at The Lunchbox Diaries.

I love Jenn’s blog because I am a fan of people who love food as much as I do. I was so tickled when Jenn asked me to do a guest post while she’s gallivanting around the world.
I used to be wary of eating out because going out to restaurants usually means gargantuan portions, calorie bombs and over indulgences, right? Wrong!
Jenn asked me to share some tips on how I eat healthfully while frequenting restaurants constantly!
Do your research – You can find the nutritional information for most restaurants on the their website – Or at least somewhere out there in Google Land 😉 I love that Panera has the calories for each item right on the menu! I’m not a calorie counter, but if I notice that a “healthy salad” weighs in at 900 calories with 700 mg of sodium of tons of fat, I’m staying away!

Avoid Impulse Orders – Something I learned through conducting actual research is that you “never learn nothing.” Even if the nutritional information isn’t available, you can at least scope out the menu and make a choice before you even get to the restaurant. This helps me avoid impulse orders like nobody’s biznass!
Calorie Allocation – This sounds silly, and even more so because I’m not a calorie counter, but you’ve got to decide before hand where you want your calories to go.  If I’m going out to a Mexican restaurant, you can bet your sweet bippy I’m well aware that I’m consuming most of my calories via chips and salsa and my beloved soft chicken tacos. That said, I probably won’t order the jumbo margarita. You see what I mean?

Don’t Freak Out –  So you ordered the large fries, nixed the diet soda and followed up with some dessert. Best decision ever? Maybe. Sometimes you need those “if that was wrong I don’t want to be right” type meals. Food is meant to be enjoyed and sometimes going overboard is okay! Just make an attempt to be BFFs with fruits and veggies the next day. 
Thanks, folks! Happy eating!
Lunchbox Diaries Presents: Tips for Healthful Restaurant Dining

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