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Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this past weekend and week. It has been a really busy couple of days and I wasn’t expecting to not have time to blog.


Today’s post is a little something from last weekend with Kendra. She arrived Saturday early morning and we decided that we should take it easy and go to a local eatery from brunch.
A couple of my friends have been to m.henrietta’s a couple of times since it has opened in early fall of 2010, but I had yet to make the trip there. No one has been really up for going lately, so I figured it was a perfect weekend to try it out with just Kendra around. We took a look at the menu online and confirmed that everything looked great, so we decided to go.


The wait looked long but was only about 15 minutes. We arrived around noon and the crowd was at or around its peak, because the place started to die down soon after we were seated.
We were served coffee and water immediately and took a few minutes to scan the menu before our waitress came over. Once she did, she was extremely apologetic for being out of sight and explained that she was fixing the a/c. The funny thing is that we didn’t even realize she was out of sight. We hadn’t been seated for more than 5 minutes.
She was very delightful and extremely friendly to us and all the patrons she was serving around us. I do, however, think that my friends had a not-so-great experience with an sour waitress one time.
The food came out in the absolute perfect amount of time. Not too quickly, so that we didn’t feel rushed, and not too timely, so that we could identify exactly how long it took and how hungry we were. It was really just right.
They were attentive with filling our waters and coffees, and that is crucial for me because I always drink a lot of water at restaurants.
The menu offers really anything for everyone. But, slightly on the healthier side with an organic and vegetarian emphasis (which is what I love about it). With the healthier/organic spin, the prices are slightly higher. In my opinion though, you know you are going to a nicer brunch, not a diner, so the prices are probably going to reflect that regardless.
Breakfast and brunch are served until 3:00, and lunch is served from 11:00-3:30.
I ordered the Latina Omletta, and Kendra ordered the Fannie’s Killer Fried Egg Sandwich, both on the breakfast menu. In addition to my meal I also ordered a side of steamed vegetables, which was on the lunch menu.

Latina Omletta

My omeletta had the perfect amount of filling so that I wasn’t overloaded with rich flavors. I could see, however, how someone may think that it was too little. The banana looking things you see in the above picture are smoked plantains. They were delicious and nothing I have ever had before! My omletta was $9.2.5

Fannie’s Killer Fried Egg Sandwich

 Kendra said that her dish needed a little something extra, so she added a little bit of pepper. The house potatoes were fantastic and meaty. Kendra’s fried egg sandwich was also $9.25.

If anything about this place looks intriguing to you, I would highly recommend trying it out!


m.henrietta Chicago

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