Hi All!

Happy Monday, welcome back! I hope everyone had a great weekend… mine was pretty low key but great.

Saturday night I went out with my friend Julia, the owner of the Bridal Salon that I work at part time, and her friend Marian for dinner. We went to a restaurant here in Portland that has been around for forever but has recently been renovated and revamped by it’s new owner. It’s a great location and a beautifully designed reno on the wharf right in the hard of Old Port. We spent a few hours just enjoying our drinks and dinners while laughing and chatting. It was actually my first time meeting Marian, Julia’s friends from back in High School, but we all had a complete blast laughing and exchanging stories as if I’d known the girls for forever, too.

Picture 8


(I actually took this picture about a month ago, when one my best friends Krissy came to visit, after we had a drink with Ethan at the Porthole which is directly next door to Boone’s.)

Unfortunately, that night my poor sleeping streak continued on. I was in bed by 9:30 and then woke up in the middle of the night with a TERRIBLE headache.. I had had 3 small glasses of Sangria with plenty of melting ice at dinner, and although it was probably 1 too many, it was nothing that would cause the headache I endured that night. I don’t think I’ve ever woken up from sleep DUE to a headache… sure I’ve woken up from sleep and had one but never was it the direct cause of my awakening. Very weird.. anyway so then I couldn’t get back into a deep sleep and I think as a result actually had some terrible nightmares that just flat up woke me up for good by 3:00am. So, I went ahead and signed onto netflix and started with episode 1 of no other than….



I didn’t fall back asleep until dawn so I ended up sleeping in very late on Sunday morning. Luckily I had made time in my work schedule to give myself Sunday off, so I had zero expectations for the day. I was feeling so weird from the bad night of sleep that I just stayed in bed all day and made it to season 2 by Sunday evening. I’m not even going to tell you how far into the second season I’ve made it.. it’s embarrassing. It was a much needed break from life though, and it was an opportunity for a fresh start today.

Speaking of today I had 10:30am plans at my new favorite spot, Crema Coffee. I arrived a little early so I snagged a table and got myself a large soy latte with an extra shot…I’m still feeling a bit off from my weird sleep schedule this weekend, so the third shot of espresso was a necessity.

Picture 9

My meeting this morning was purely social, and we had a blast. It was my first time meeting this new friend and we really hit it off. We ended up spending 2.5 hours chatting and even left Crema to walk around Old Port a bit. She recently moved to Portland as well and is going through the exact same transitional period as I am, so we instantly bonded over our lack of friends here. We have so much in common other than being newbies, that I think this is the start of a great new friendship! Much needed, too! We already made plans to check out a new wine bar in town on Wednesday.

Ethan comes back from his work week tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to the week ahead. Previously I had been planning everything around when he was home and when he was at work, and it really felt like I was dropping everything to be with Ethan 24/7 while he was here… similar to what we did when we would visit each other while we were long distance. It honestly felt like I was going on vacation every time he came back, which then made it that much harder to adjust to when he was gone. Now, for the first time since we moved up here, I have a few different work and social events planned that are exclusive of Ethan, and resemble what my week looks like while he is away. I’m hoping that this week’s plans will help normalize me, and us, moving forward.. because in reality, work and social commitments can’t just be dropped off my calendar every other week like I’d been doing.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how that all goes but for now it’s another beautiful fall day here in Portland.. and other than a work call this afternoon, my plans consist of getting to the park to read my book, making it to an exercise class at my gym, and making either Pad Thai or Risotto for dinner! Yum!





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