Moody’s Pub Chicago

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Today’s post is a little encouragement for the warm weather that is to come. Katie finally returned from Portugal and as a little home-coming party, she and I attended the beer garden at Moody’s pub on Broadway. This little gem is a hole in the wall kind of establishment, where the inside is so dark that coming in from the sun is a blinding experience. Katie will attest to this, considering she thought I was crazy while trying to explain this phenomenon to her until she stepped in for the first time and fully agreed. Anyways, you walk in and through to the beer garden and sit where ever you’d like. They have so much seating its fantastic; you are almost always guaranteed a table. 
The policy is cash only so be sure to bring cash. Otherwise, you’re stuck paying the random ATM fee for the third party ATM that they have at the front door. 
The service is friendly and attentive, and if you tell them that you want to have a pitcher of sangria and wait to order they will respect your request and give you time. 
The prices are totally worth while too. A pitcher of sangria is about $10 and gives you 6 glasses. Burgers depend, but are about 7 or 8 bucks. I LOVE the veggie burger and Katie loved her blue cheese burger.  We usually get the onion rings and fries come with your burger. Everything is yummy, but the salad is pretty makeshift so if you want some lettuce and a few tomatoes go for it. 
Overall if the weather is nice and you want to spend some time enjoying a cold glass of sangria and a yummy batch of onion rings outside, then go for it!

Moody’s Pub Chicago

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