Moving On


Tomorrow I finish packing up my very first New York City apartment and move on to bigger (not really) and better (this is true) things.


Sorry for the blurry picture, but you get the idea. Other than my clothing, this is everything.

My packing isn’t actually as disorganized as you may think from looking at this picture. There are boxes that are packed nicely under all the random odds and ends, and a few on the counters just to the left of the picture. The two on the counter are full of office stuff and books/cookbooks… and well, they’re on the counter and not the floor because they’re so heavy that if I put them on that floor they will never be moved from there.

To fill you all in, my sister Kendra has purchased her very first home (apartment) in Manhattan, and is letting me live with her for a few months to save some money. I’ll still be paying rent and splitting utilities with her, but she’s charging me a dramatically reduced rate from what I’m paying now. And if you know anything about renting in NYC, you know that it costs as much as a mortgage on a decent sized home to rent a closet sized room.. with no closet.. in an apartment that you share with 3-5 other people…

But back to the fun of it… her new apartment is gorgeous (seeing that the prior owners had just renovated it before having to move unexpectedly), with a brand new (Chef approved) kitchen, a huge bathroom with heated floors, a huge jacuzzi tub, and TVs built into the walls (um, yes please minus the bath.. I hate baths), and just overall beautiful detail throughout. To top it all off, the apartment is 1 block from: the subway, major grocery stores, starbucks, one of our favorite restaurants, the Hudson River, and Riverside park (with running trails). Here are a few pictures that I jacked from the realtor’s website… they’re super tiny on the website too so don’t get mad at me. I’ll take better pictures for you guys once we get all moved in!

Moving is always so bittersweet. Love reorganizing, hate packing. Love new adventures, hate leaving the source of old memories. Love the updated features in the new place, hate the lack of personal space I’ll have. Love getting out of a construction war zone and leaving my current landlord/management company, hate leaving my roommates that I’ve built close friendships with. Love getting out of mice infested quarters.. yeah that one’s just all good.

Okay, to spare us from getting too sentimental here, I’m off to order food because everything is all packed up here.

Moving On

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